Corinthians 3: 16

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that theSpirit of God dwelleth in you?

What is the scriptural or historical context of this scripture:

Paul is explaining to the Christians in Corinth principles of the gospel.

Thoughts about this scripture:

This is one of those core, foundational understandings that shapes the way I understand Christianity, Mortality, and our relationship with the Lord. We are here, but god is also here. When His spirit dwells in us, we are His temple.

God can do anything, and so His spirit can enter a temple with tattoos and graffiti. It can enter a temple that is polluted, hot just with unhealthy foods, but with substances that are harmful and dull the mind and our understanding. It can do these things, but if we want to invite his spirit in, we should be clean. And we should strive to be pure.

Having a desire to invite and welcome the Spirit of God into myself, I behave in specific ways. I try to keep my body clean and pure. I don't mutilate it. I avoid extreme styles of grooming and dress. I don't consume things that would make my body sick or impair its functioning. I don't do this because I think denying myself these things is a virtue. I do these things because I love the Lord and want to feel His spirit.

How does this strengthen my testimony

I know that we are the Children of our Heavenly Father. And he loves us and has sent his spirit to comfort and teach us. The times in my life when I have felt the spirit the strongest stand as guideposts showing me not the way back, but the way forward as they each point me onto the path that leads back to His presence.