Take the Ponderize Challenge

Welcome and I hope you are as excited about the Ponderizing the scriptures as I am.

When you join this list you will get an email that contains an link to a PDF that describes how to conduct a weekly Ponderization challenge with your family.  This PDF is to help you prepare and know what you can do each day to bring greater meaning and depth to the study of the scripture verses selected for Ponderization.

Each Monday you will get and email with the scripture to ponderize. Feel free to use your own scripture as you feel is better for your family. (If you do have a better one, please use the suggestion form to let me know so I can add it to the future scriptures to ponderize.)

In addition to these weekly emails I am looking for additional tips and suggestions to send out relating to scripture reading and study. These will probably be less than one per month.

Brother Durrant spoke of doing this for an extended period of time. But to start with, the challenge is to do this for a month. (Basically, 4 weeks) After a month, the challenge becomes to do this for six months. Then a year, then two years, then four.

Really this is a challenge to ponderize scriptures each week for the rest of your life. So please join me in meeting this challenge.

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