What is Ponderize Me?

Following the challenge from the October 4th, 2015 LDS General Conference I have started this project.

The challenge is to expand your scripture study by doing more than read, study and even memorizing scriptures. But to ponderize them and make them part of yourself.

To do this:

  1. Select a scripture (I’m going to be posting a new one each Sunday.)
  2. Put this scripture one or more places where you will see it each day.
  3. Recite the scripture when you see it.
  4. Think about the scripture at times when you are not doing something else.
  5. When you think about it, contemplate its meaning and who you can use it in your life.
  6. Share thoughts about your chosen scripture with others. (Hopefully this site will be a place to do that. I might also start a Facebook group but we will see how this goes.)

We have been promised increased understanding of scripture and wisdom as we do this challenge. I’m going to try and do this for at least a year.

I hope you will be joining me and letting me know what helps you so that we can all learn and grow.



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