2 Nephi 9:26

For the atonement satisfieth the demands of his justice upon all those who have not the law given to them, that they are delivered from that awful monster, death and hell, and the devil, and the lake of fire and brimstone, which is endless torment; and they are restored to that God who gave them breath, which is the Holy One of Israel.


Rosemary M Wixom LDS General Conference October 2015

What is the scriptural or historical context of this scripture:

Jacob is explaining how the atonement works for those that have not received the word of God. Understanding this is key to may parts of the gospel.

Related Scriptures

I've always felt this principle helped us understand something that James was teaching about Faith and Works in James 2:17 Merely having belief and doing nothing has less value to our salvation than having little or no faith but doing good.

Thoughts about this scripture:

Some read this and ask, why is it necessary to preach the Gospel and bring people to the church? If a person can be saved through the atonement without receiving the Law of the Lord in this life why is God's Church necessary? Church isn't just about laying down Gods Law. it's mostly about helping use and giving us the opportunity to help each other.

It's one of those great misconceptions that people in but mostly outside of the church have about the purpose of Church. We are not a club of people that are holier and more perfect than others. We are a group of people that have accepted that we need to become better than we are. We recognize that God didn't just throw us here to sink or swim, but provided guides to help us learn of Him, our purpose in the plan and things that will help us return to him.

How does this strengthen my testimony

I know that for me, this knowledge of the Atonement strengthens my resolve to follow God's path and hold fast to my testimony of Christ. The Atonement is one of the great gifts of God and understanding it helps me to be strong in the face of the world and the trials that come my way. The joy of knowing that God loves us and has a plan for us can help us all to love Him and love each other.